Monday, January 07, 2013

Yeast. A French Bistronomy @ Bangsar KL

Those looking for a new place to try in town should really visit YEAST. If you think that this place serves everything flour, yeast and bread and you'll be wrong. Yes, they do have their own bakery section with an interesting array of fresh bakeries daily but they do serve a very good French menu.

I really like the interior of this bistronomy (a combination of the word "bistro" and "gastronomy") as I felt that I was transported to Paris when I was sitted at the dining table overlooking the open kitchen with copper pots and pans hanging from the ceiling and the black and white tiles matches the parisian ambience perfectly.

I love the bread basket with a nice assortment of breads. The multigrain loaf was really nice. And that night, we ordered a bottle of wine from my favourite region - Margaux. A La Sirene de Giscours 2007 at RM340.

Gateaux de Crabe RM28
We had a special request to have the appetisers to be shared by two and thus we both have a crab cake each and nicely presented on separate plates. It's a crispy crab cake with diced green apples, cranberries, toasted walnut, roquette and garlic aioli sauce. The crab cakes pass my test and I enjoyed every single bit of it which is one of the better ones I've tried in town.

Foie Gras de Canard RM45
The duck foie gras terrine was pan-seared and then served with port, balsamic and fruit reduction complimented with a brioche toast. The fruit reduction is like a chutney and it tasted so good with the toast. Thumbs up for this dish too!

Boeuf Bourguignon RM48
This is actually a typical French cuisine where the beef short ribs are braised with wine. This is so tender that it melts in your mouth. Served with root vegetable puree and crispy fried onions. Although the portions aren't big, the satisfaction you get from the taste will fill you up.

Confit de Canard RM42
Another classic example of French cuisine is the duck confit which I love very much. I must applaud that the chef here did it so well with the duck so crispy on the outside and its meat so tender and flavourful and sprinkled with some herb-bread crumb cassoulet. A must-try!

This is our dessert for the night which I forgot its name but it's a pear frangi (RM16) and served with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream.

The founder of Yeast, Christophe Chatron-Michaud was very nice and friendly. And credit goes to the restaurant manager who makes us feel so comfortable and the service was very good too!

And so I went there again for tea time on the same week with my girlfriends.

Limonata Soda (RM9), Virgin Mojito (RM12), White Button Mushroom Pastries (RM11), Orange Soda (RM9), Green Apple Iced Tea (RM8) and a smoked duck (RM10).

It was a very hot afternoon but siting outside didn't really bother us and we love the ambience. I truly recommend this place for its simple and classic French menu. A great place for lunch, tea and dinner. You should really try it!

Yeast Bistronomy
24G, Jalan Telawi 2, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-2282-0118


suituapui said...

Interesting name. Food looks fine but servings are pretty small...for the likes of me. Hehehehehe!!!!

A Arthur said...

Hi Sweetie, did you say that this is a French restaurant. wow. Must go and try it out one day. When I stayed in New York City, we used to go to French restaurants though there were a bit pricey. But food really good. And one would never forget the broadway show in Times Square, NYC, Les Miserable.

Watch your weight Sweetie with all the excellent food and rich wine.

Your Uncle Arthur

suanie said...

Looks good. I'd always wanted to try but yield to Antipodean instead :P Familiar tastes mah. Ok will try Yeast next time!

ulric said...

I had dinner here...loved their succulent seven-spice roasted chicken =)

The duck confit in RCG is much better than Yeast's imho =)

Sean said...

ooo, i'm not sure i've tried margaux wines before, but will look out for them :D

Chef and Sommelier said...

Hi Eiling... Thanks for sharing this. I have always like French food and it has a major influence on my cooking style too.

Is that foie gras on its own instead of terrine? Doesnt look like terrine to me. :)

La Sirene de Giscours.. That's the 2nd wine of Chateau Giscours, the 3rd growth under the 1855 Classifiction. How much did you pay for this bottle?

Good food, wine and company.. What more can you aske for? :)

eiling lim said...

STP: Yeah definitely not enough for you la.. have to order another main course. hehe

Uncle Lau: Don't worry Uncle Lau, I am still running. Yeah this place serves simple french cuisine but so far so good!

Suanie: You should. It's nice!

Ulric: Ok. Maybe I should try their seven-spice roasted chicken next time.

Sean: You should if you like full-bodied wines.

Chef and Sommelier: Yeah I love Chateau Giscours and I have one 2005 bottle at home. This one here I paid RM340. Is it expensive?

Chef and Sommelier said...

RM340 is restaurant price... You should be able to get it at half that price from bottle shop...

KY said...

Foie Gras for RM 45? that's a great deal!

foongpc said...

All the food looks yummy!! : )

Taufulou said...

this place looks like a bit hit know.. hearing a few friends and now you also blog about it ..

Anonymous said...

Hi sweetie thanks for sharing ...

however to my knowledge Boeuf Bourguignon normally uses cheeks or shins or stewing beef , not short ribs ..jus saying

will definitely give Yeast a visit soon . Cheers

Kelly Divine said...

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Kelly Divine said...

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Anonymous said...

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Ludovic Faxel said...

Bonjour Eiling,
From the French pays basque, greetings. Here in KL for a few days in after HKg and Singapore and I come across your blog on a Zamazaki search at the Shangri-la bar. I must say congratulations for the spirit you convey in the quest of the finest emotions out there. Not easy to find real little joints which cook with the fresh full flavored ingredients from authentic vegetable varietals or breed of beef, lambs, pork, chicken which run around and are fed well unless all we find in supermarkets and which most chefs buy. We all know that the top chefs such as Justin at marina bay get top ingredients which guarantee the wonderful creations they offer us , but we must eat more than once in while !!! Where are the little joints in Asia which feature the peas from mrs Xyz garden in Xyz village, and the Bazas fat beef (not cow) with which we can make wonderful boeuf bourguignon ( not just short ribs in a boeuf bourguignon for sure but many kinds of what we call low class meat because it costs less than a filet ! But as in a pig, every piece from a fat beef fed with natural grass is fantastic ! Believe me! Research Bazas beef .... Not famous yet, fortunately!
It is good to see that the world of everyday food from authors (chefs with a personality) around the world interests more and more as we all get tired of being fed by the industry. Sorry I had to say it!
Keep up the good job, and looking forward to reviewing one day in KL some new chef's daily creation whatever dish it is,along with a fine authentic burgundy, or a 40 year old rioja(where are these those days now they have been written up a few years ago and we cannot find them anymore in pais Bascos) and obviously a fine authentic cigar along with a Yamasaki since it is getting so looked after now when no one really cared a few years back ! Right where we started...
Thank you for what you do.

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