Monday, January 06, 2014

The Year 2013 is like a Rollercoaster!

Year 2013 whizzed past like a gust of wind and before I knew it, I'm now in 2014 which also indicates that I am turning 30 in a month's time. Gosh... how come the year passed by so quickly? The moment the first digit of your age turns to the next digit, it's pretty scary. It feels like a decade is a short time and I have finally leave my twenties behind and moving on to being a 30-year-old lady... more precisely a married woman.

I remembered when I was a teenager, I told my friends that the right age to get married is when one turns 28 years old. Well, there is no right age actually but the right one. So when I turned 28, I thought to myself "Maybe I ain't getting married after all!". That's when I bought a house so close to my parents' house that it is just merely 2 doors away thinking that I could still depend on my mom to clean and wash my clothes and cook my meals.

Things got better in 2013 and unexpectedly, I met a guy whom I never thought I would end up falling in love and now married to him! I never thought I would meet a guy who shared so many of my interests and we could talk and talk for ages. That whole dating, quitting my job, moving to another country and getting married process happened all in 12 months. It was indeed a rollercoaster of emotions and more importantly very crucial decisions made that changed my life. We met for the very first time in Singapore at a whisky tasting and then we started dating in London in January, we embarked on a romantic trip to Maldives in April, I quit my job and left for Belgium, we got engaged and then we got married last month on the 28th December 2013!!! How time flies when one is having fun!!!

A week in Naladhu, Maldives

But life is not a bed of roses. When you are single, you start to worry about not finding the other half that you can share your life with. Now that I found my soul mate, there are much bigger problems to deal with. I made the biggest decision to leave my job and declining a great job offer that pays me double of what I used to earn which I knew that it will lead me to lack of financial freedom. I also had to leave my new home behind, my family and my friends. I had to move to a country so far away that I barely understand the language. And finally I have to learn to live with my new family. All of that in the name of love. Some might think I am silly to do that but I believe if fate hands you a lemon, you can always make it into a lemonade. If I am capable, I can survive anywhere. And yes, I am surviving and leading a happy life. That is the reason I have been so lazy to blog... Only 55 posts in 2013. Shame on me!

We did so much in 2013. Ok, we didn't have to clock in to work but we do work on our own leisure. Luc traveled quite a bit with me last year not only for holidays but also for his whisky business. We did two of his "Glenfarclas 1968 My Tribute dinner" in Singapore and Taiwan which was really fun as I get to taste really fine whisky from Glenfarclas and we also went to Abu Dhabi, Maldives, Paris, London and Marbella in Spain for holiday. There is also the annual Lindores Whiskyfest at Hotel Bero in Oostende that is tiring but really fun to do and we took part in the Aston Martin rally in Belgium where I had to be Luc's co-driver. We had such an eventful year!

I'm now slowly but surely learning the trades of whisky. Whisky is after all an interest close to my heart and because of whisky, I found the love of my life. Recently I have taken the responsibility to help Luc to bring the Tomintoul 1968 Thosop Handwritten Label (previous post here) into the Malaysian whisky scene so that more people can be aware of the existence of independent bottlers. I will continue to introduce more independent whisky bottling into the country so that we can also enjoy some of the finest whisky casks like our European counterparts and our friends across the straits. 2014 will be a challenging year as I am about to introduce my own bottling into my country...

I'm all prepared for 2014 and I guess I will have to stop being lazy and start working on my project asap. But then again, reflecting the year 2013...

What a year!


suanie said...

What a year! So happy for you both :)

suituapui said...

It certainly has been the best year of your life. Congrats once again and Happy 2014, all the best in the year ahead. Cheers!

Sean said...

really happy that you found love, a new home and adventures galore this past year! wishing you and new husband a great 2014 too, and i sincerely hope it'll be just the beginning of a wonderful lifetime together for both of you =)

peiszong said...

I have followed your blog for awhile, from chocolates and now whisky. So happy for you. Glad that you have found your love. Congrates to the newlywed. Post more on your wedding when you are ready to share. Congrates again.

Coketai said...

I have been follow your blog from the old is really glad to know hat you have started a new chapter in your life! Some blog just like an old friend in th virture and whenever nice thing happen to this old friend, I am so happy for them....I truely believe you will have a wonderful 2014!! Go Happy Ipoh "Liang Lui"

eiling lim said...

Suanie: Thanks Suan!!!

STP: thank you Arthur and a happy new year to you.

Sean: Thanks Sean. I am looking forward to a happy and adventurous 2014.

Peiszong: Thanks for reading and the kind words. I will post more pictures once I have them. Have a great year and all the best to you too!

Coketai: Thanks so much for following the blog. I really appreciate the comment and I would like to wish you a happy new year too!

UnkaLeong said...

Congratulations!!! May 2014 bring you more adventures and with that, hopefully...more posts :P

Anonymous said...

We don't know each other, but I know your blog for long time enough. Another brain drain, beauty drain for boleh. Heartiest congratulation and I wish you happiness!

Huai Bin said...

This is the best post I've read all year Eiling! :)

I'm glad you're happy and living in Belgium! Granted, there are challenges in a new country, but I like your lemonade attitude.

I'm very happy you've found the love of your life and you're happily married now. I wish you and Luc all the best and more in 2014! :D

Anonymous said...

awwwww *hugs* congrats again and all the very best! keep in touch!! and please continue to blog ;) love lots, shuyi

sgrmse. said...

oh myyy. i love your lovestory (':

all the very best to you & yours in the year 2014! i realise i'm 10 days late but better late than never, right!? :D

more blog posts, please & thank you.

Anonymous said...

oi please share the wedding pics. i need to look fabulous - ziling

eiling lim said...

unkaleong: thanks for your kind wishes and a happy new year to you too!

Anon: well, i would very much love to stay in malaysia. however due to circumstances, i had to move to belgium to stay with my husband. Thanks for your kind wishes and i wish you a very happy new year.

Huai Bin: Thank you very much for your well wishes and I also wish you lots of happiness and success in the things you do in 2014. Hope to see you soon again.

Shuyi: ahhh... thanks babe and i wish you a very happy new year and lots of success too.

sgrmse: no you are not too late at all! thanks very much and i hope i will be able to write more often and be less lazy.

ziling: sorry i am the one more fabulous on my wedding day.

Anonymous said...

eiling, I've actually followed ur blog since few yrs ago starting from my passion for chocolates & whisky like u as to read ur blog as I'm the same age as u but u seem to have a very exciting life...I even saw u once at the gym & couldn't believe that u looked so much slimmer in real person...happy that u found the love of ur life...hope u won't stop writing ya~

Anonymous said...

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